Hopkins School Board Chair

During my time serving with him on the Hopkins School Board, I have experienced John to be a collaborative, insightful, and equity-driven leader. My sadness about him leaving our Board in December is outweighed by my excitement about the possibility of him becoming the next Mayor of Minnetonka. As a longtime resident of the City of Minnetonka, I know that in order for each member of our evolving community to thrive, we need a forward-thinking leader who will work with his constituents to drive innovation. In my role as Chair of the Hopkins School Board, I am confident that our future Mayor Kuhl will be an incredible partner with our Hopkins Schools community. Please join me in supporting his campaign.

Hopkins School Board Director

The qualities that make John Kuhl stand apart from the rest are that he epitomizes Hopkins Schools core values. He is an advocate for inclusivity, intentionally adventurous, optimistically innovative, humble at heart, vigilant when it comes to equity, and sincere in his love for the community he serves. In the short amount of time that Director John Kuhl has served on the Hopkins Public Schools Board, he has made a lasting impact despite joining the school board in the middle of the school year, and the limitations imposed by COVID-19 social distancing rules. 

         Upon joining the school board, John immediately took the initiative to attend various Minnesota School Board Association’s training sessions, in order to be better equipped to participate in school governance. Since John understands that being part of the school board requires teamwork, he proactively reached out to all the members of the school board, in order to personally get to know everyone. As soon as he was sworn in, he hit the ground running by actively joining various committees and by working on and implementing policy decisions. 

     Outside of being a Hopkins School Board director, John is well known throughout his community as a devoted father and husband. His notable leadership skills include serving on the Hopkins Fast Pitch board and serving as a member of Adath Jeshurun Synagogue. I am confident that John Kuhl will make a fantastic and dynamic mayor for the city of Minnetonka. Please vote for him!

Minnetonka Community Members