Vision For Minnetonka

This campaign is about ENGAGEMENT!  Accessibility and proactive engagement must be the top priority for our mayor. As Mayor, I will engage with ALL people to learn what is important to the constituents of Minnetonka. The ideas, thoughts and opinions of ALL of us will be accounted for in my agenda as mayor.  Likewise, this campaign will utilize your voice to evolve the important issues and ideas shown on this page.  

Community Safety

The safety of our community goes beyond policing, we need to think of this more holistically. This starts with initiating consistent engagement sessions that address issues such as data transparency, BIPOC & LGBTQ concerns, community emergency plans and officer diversity plans.  Additionally, I will work to have meetings with officers and the city council annually, in order to understand more about the tools and training needed to keep our community and officers safe.




Love for the lakes, parks, trails and trees is one of the key reasons my family and I moved to Minnetonka. In order to ensure these natural resources remain for the future generation, we need to do more. In 2020, with the creation of the Sustainability Commission and the initiation of the Energy Action Plan, great steps are being made. We need to assure these initiatives and plans are carried out as defined in the proposals that the council approved.  Additionally, we need to expand our efforts in conservation, recycling, tree protection and park rehabilitation.

Action Initiatives include:

  • Develop lawn watering conservation program with incentives

  • Move for city-wide food waste composting

  • Partner with city staff to request a tree protection plan be included with all land development proposals

  • Begin conversations on development of Climate Action Plan

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Minnetonka needs to become a leader in all facets of DEI with all levels of city government.  As mayor, I will have monthly work sessions with the DEI task force and members of the community.  It will be my goal to assure the BIPOC, LGBTQ and Disabled communities have space to offer insight, experiences and ideas.  These conversations must only be the beginning for future actions, which will include encouraging more diversity in our city staff, boards and commissions and Minnetonka police dept. 

Women in the Street

5240 Ridgeway Drive






Housing continues to be at a premium in our City, which makes developing affordable, senior and "new" housing difficult.  Continued ideation, public hearings and more research are needed so the city council and the community can see what options are available. Affordable housing can not just be about the number of units available, we must ensure our housing stock is diverse enough to meet the needs of our evolving community. In order to grow our community, we have to get creative about new housing development going forward.


IT'S TIME! Time to have youth positions on our committees and councils. In this area, our neighboring cities and schools have moved much faster than us. Let's use this as a way to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. We can't be afraid of new ideas, we must embrace them. We were all young once!

One of the most important resources we have is the senior members of our community. We need to continue efforts of having additional senior housing, pandemic support, and new services that may be needed in the future. Additionally, I want to find new ways of building relationships between our precious seniors and the new younger families that continue to join our community.  

Whispering to Granddad

New Ideas From Community


Water Conservation Incentive - based on Chanhassen success 

City Council Issue Tracker - Keeps updated info on issues & council votes

Minnetonka School District parent would like mayor to be more present as a role model to school districts.

Water Conservation Incentive - based on Chanhassen success 

Small business owner - needs the city to do more than just "talk" about supporting small business

Senior resident thinks a lot about the environment that will be there for her grand children