LETTER: Hopkins Schools leads community renaming of Lindbergh Center John N. Kuhl Minnetonka Jun 1,

To the Editor:

For decades, the Lindbergh Center has existed as an example of a school-community partnership serving the diverse activity needs of Hopkins High School, the City of Minnetonka and the City of Hopkins. In recent years, many community members have raised concerns about why this building remains named after Charles Lindbergh, a man with no direct legacy to the area and a well-documented history of antisemitic beliefs. Because the Lindbergh Center is across from Adath Jeshurun Congregation, in close proximity to two other synagogues, connected to Hopkins High and within Minnetonka, both of which have a significant Jewish population, it seems a better choice is possible.

In reaction to citizen feedback, the Hopkins School District created a committee that included staff from Hopkins schools, scholars, community members and staff from the cities of Minnetonka and Hopkins to begin the process of investigating a name change. The committee reported to the Hopkins School Board May 18 and it recommended that the board proceed with creating a renaming task force, in alignment with district policy. This item will be voted on during the June 1 meeting.

If the board votes to move forward with the renaming task force, community input will be at the center of the process. As a member of both the Adath Jeshurun Congregation and the Hopkins School Board, I embrace this opportunity to choose a namesake that honors and uplifts all community members who enter the activity center.

John N. Kuhl


Kuhl is a Hopkins School Board Director and a candidate for Minnetonka mayor.

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