Why does this election matter?

I have been thinking a lot about what is on the ballot this November and why should any resident really care about the Mayoral Race. To me, the answer is clear - THE NEED TO BE HEARD. There are so many things changing in the world, our country and our city. In the next four years, Minnetonka needs a leader that is willing to be accessible and engage with all. It is not lost on me how low the voter turnout is for off year elections. The fact that we average a little above 15% of registered voters is alarming, but has always worked in the favor of incumbents.

My goal is to change that history this November. In order to do so, I will be traveling with my water cooler all over the City of Minnetonka to have conversations. I want to hear from you!! Feel free to CALL ME DIRECTLY, 952 905-4021, or we can have a chat at the water cooler. I will listen.

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